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A Clinical Study of Efficacy of Agnikarm-an Ancient Treatment Method-in the Management of Heel Pain

Amar P Dwivedi, Shanmugamurthy Lakshmanan


Agnikarm is an Ayurvedic treatment technique for heel pain that is still in practice in many parts of India. In this study the efficacy of Agnikarm is clinically tested. Agnikarm proves to be very effective. This study indicates that Agnikarm may be a stand-alone technique. To de-mystify the underlying mechanism of Agnikarm, it is imperative to expand the current scientific understanding of the phenomenon to include the subtle energy physics of the human organism. This research perhaps be underappreciated by researchers and doctors who are seeking alternative/non-invasive modalities of treatments available in the World now. 


Agnikarm, Heel Pain,planter fasciitis,tendo calcaneal arthralgia, Ayurvedic-Para Surgical Procedure

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