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Rapid PCR-SSCP Screening of Awassi Sheep Using a Short Fragment (260bp) of Leptin Gene

Adil Hussein Radhi, Allawi Luaibi Dagher Al-Khauzai, Mohammed Baqur S Al-Shuhaib


The genetic variations of Iraqi native sheep breed were described using a non-radioactive single stranded conformation polymorphism (SSCP). Only 260 bp fragment of exon II and a portion of intron II leptin (LEP) gene from forty one individuals of Awassi breed were amplified by standard PCR, using the locus specific primers. PCR products were subjected to SSCP and visualized by ethidium bromide. According to SSCP bands, six different genotypes were identified. The resulting genotypes of Iraqi Awassi sheep were AA, AB, AH, AM, AR, and AS, and their alleles were A, B, H, M, R, and S respectively.


Awassi, Leptin gene, Sheep, PCR, SSCP Polymorphism

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